A) Support Hockey Development in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taipei
  MAINLAND CHINA (since 2008)
ĄD Partnered with the Chinese National Women Ice Hockey Team to strengthen relationship between the hockey community in the Mainland and Hong Kong since 2008
ĄD Under the "Teen Youth Ice Hockey Development Program" with the Chinese Ice Hockey Association, engaged a former national team player, Tan Anqi, to help coach youths in Hong Kong from 2011 onwards
  HONG KONG (since 2007)
ĄD Enhance awareness of the sport among the local community in general including the less fortunate and the under-privileged
ĄD Identify and develop players of good potential since their childhood
ĄD Provide players at different skill levels and from different backgrounds a chance to play and enjoy ice hockey
  MACAU (since 2007)
ĄD Invite and sponsor local teams from Macau to take part in different exchange and competition games.
ĄD Promote and develop the concept of synthetic ice rink
  TAIPEI (since 2011)
ĄD Support Taipei ‘s Youth Team to take part in international and exchange games, youth hockey development and training opportunities.
ĄD Join effort in running the 2011 development camp in Shanghai
B) Enlarge the hockey communities: Youth Hockey League in the Region (since 2011)
  Collaborate with hockey organizations in Beijing, Harbin, Taipei and other regional cities to form a Youth Hockey League in the Region with a view to reaching out to the Asia Pacific region and to provide a platform for elite youth players.
C) Synthetic ice rink: Extending beyond local sphere (since 2011)
  Strongly believe that the synthetic ice rink project is a most cost effective way to grow the sport in and around Southeast Asia because of the severe lack of ice time available for ice hockey in respective local ice rinks. A group of Macau and Shenzhen youth players were invited to experience the synthetic rink in Hong Kong in August 2011.
D) Infrastructure development
  Actively explore the feasibility of infrastructure development in South China with a view to involving and training more youths in the sport in their early years
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