Coach Beck has carefully designed a program aiming at enhancing a studentˇ¦s confidence, individual hockey skills, self esteem and opportunities in both academics and athletics beyond the school system. In summary, our hockey program will benefit students in the following ways:

  • The program can be arranged as extra curriculum activities which will not affect their normal school programs;
  • Both on-ice and off-ice classes are taught by Native English Speaking instructors so that students can learn English through the fun and joy of the sport;
  • Students showing talent in the sport will be identified and scholarship be considered;
  • Students will have a chance to work with others in the team and learn the importance of respect to others and team spirit.
  • Students will also have the opportunity of learning a special sport skill which makes good reference for them to get admitted to leading universities or colleges both abroad and in Hong Kong.

To enable students to understand more about ice hockey and indeed our program, we are available to do a presentation and demonstration at any school at any time of your convenience. The demonstration is informative and interactive and free of charge. We can also arrange for students to become familiar with the hockey equipment.

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