由今年1120日起,香港冰球訓練學校伙伴All Sports Network(ASN)推出冰球特備節目 -香港冰球特輯。節目共12集,每集約4-5分鍾,於NHL賽事直播其間,在香港、新加坡及泰國的ASN電視台同時播放。

All Sports Network (ASN) 一條全新推出24小時體育頻道,獨家為亞洲地區的觀眾帶來耳目一新的體育節目,包括每週直播場美國國家橄欖球大聯盟賽事(U.S. National Football 及場美國國家冰球聯盟賽事(National Hockey League),美國全國大學體育協(NCAA 大學籃March Madne及美式足球賽,各類賽車包括飄移賽車系列、房車賽、GT 賽事),極限運動,職業鬥牛賽事等。



Outline EP1 06
This video will go over some simple exercises, going over briefly several good ways to get your body ready for a game.
Outline EP1 05
The Hong Kong Amateur hockey Club has been running a tournament for the past 7 years and this episode showcases some of the events during the event.
Outline EP1 04
This fourth installment talks about the Women’s Ice Hockey Organization which has been in operations since the 1990’s. The organization has been working diligently in Hong Kong to promote ice hockey to youths and adults.
Outline EP1 03
This part shows students participating in our pre-season camp which is run during the summer. Students from ages 8 – 12 work hard to get ready for the next season of ice hockey. In the latter section, Assistant Coach Kyle Simms explains briefly some information about referees and their duties.
Outline EP1 02
The second part of episode one shows Assistant Coach Kyle Simms explaining the equipment used in the sport of ice hockey. Equipment must be light so as to allow players to move quickly but also be protective.
Outline EP1 01
The first part of episode one shows a school demonstration at the St Margaret’s Girls’ College. The college was keen to have the academy come over to do a demonstration for their girls because many of them had never been exposed to the sport. In the latter section of this first part is a demonstration at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Federation of Youth Groups centre in Wong Tai Sin. This group of students was later given a chance to go on ice to participate in an on ice demo as well.
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