The Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (HKAIH), founded in 2007, is a non-profit sport association with the objective of promoting and developing ice hockey as a sport for all in Hong Kong.

1. Promote ice hockey as a sport for all
2. Collaborate with various government bodies and charitable and youth organizations to provide a wide range of ice hockey training programs for the benefit of the community as a whole
3. Target the grass roots with a view to developing interest and potentials of youngsters in the sport
4. Subsidize ice hockey programs in local schools with a view to identifying and nurturing talented local players
5. Organize exhibition games and exchange programs to widen the horizon of youngsters

1. Focus efforts in local primary and secondary schools: demonstrate ice hockey in action and enable teachers and students to understand more about the sport;
2. Develop diversified hockey programs in a professional way
3. Introduce synthetic ice rink in view of a severe lack of ice-time in Hong Kong
4. Successfully held Hong Kong’s first ever School Ice Hockey League in 2009, opening up a new horizon of the sport for local schools
5. Organize various exchange activities to enable students to familiarize with the world of international ice hockey
6. Extensive marketing plan to promote the sport and school programs through various channels including the mass media in particular the electronic media

Founder : Mr. Thomas J. Wu

Board of Directors   Honorary Patrons
Mr. Thomas J. Wu, JP, Chairman   The Hon Ronald Arculli, GBM, GBS, JP
Lady Ivy Wu, JP   The Hon Victor Lo, GBS, OBE, JP, Hon DDes
Ms. Shelley Lee, GBS, OBE, JP  
Mr Chui Sai-Cheong [Member of the Macau SAR Legislature]
Mr. Fong Hup, MH   Dr Allan Zeman, GBS, JP
Mr. Calvin Tien   Dr Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP
Mr. Laputa Poon   Mr. Wilfred Ng, SBS, MH, JP
    Mr Adrian Li, JP
    Mr Daryl Ng

1. Conducted free demonstrations in 274 schools involving 33,499 students since its establishment in 2007
2. Over 900 youth players are currently training under the HKAIH umbrella during the hockey season.
3. Set up Hong Kong's first synthetic ice rink in a school located in Tung Chung in the summer of 2011 and ran ice hockey programs for over 1,700 youths in the whole Islands District
4. Established Hong Kong’s first ice hockey league for local schools in 2009. The 2015-16 season consisted of 10 primary schools and 6 secondary schools participating in the league
5. Invited the Croatian National Ice Hockey Team to visit Hong Kong in 2008 for friendly exhibition games and cultural exchanges. This is the first national team ever to visit Hong Kong
6. Organized summer camps in Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Russia, Czech, USA and Shenzhen for youth players in Hong Kong in the years 2009-2016
7. Arranged students from local schools and youth organizations to see for themselves exciting competition games at the annual HKAHC International Tournament since 2008 and learn the basics of ice hockey
8. Assisted in the production of numerous local TV drama series, documentaries and movies with ice hockey themes or features
9. Broadcast championship games in Hong Kong live over the local TV network for the first time in the history of Hong Kong
First hockey organization in Hong Kong to receive the Caring Organization Award from the Hong Kong Council of Social Services since 2008
11. Since 2012, HKAIH organized annual P.E. teacher workshops, goalie camps, officials clinics, and coaching programs to provide comprehensive development programs for the various positions related to the sport of ice hockey
12. In 2013, HKAIH introduced the inline skating program to primary school students and Hong Kong Youth Ice Hockey Campaign players to enhance their fundamental skating skills
13. In 2013, with the support from the Commission on Youth, HKAIH partnered with HKFYG to organize the Hong Kong Youth Ice Hockey Campaign (HKYIHC).  This 12-month long campaign aims to bring together youth aged from 8 to 16 from all 18 districts in Hong Kong through the sport of ice hockey.  4 district teams were formed and players underwent ice hockey training both on ice and off ice. In 2014, the HKYIHC II expanded to 7 teams, including 3 elite teams and 4 development teams3
14. Incorporation of Ice Hockey into Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Primary School Physical Education Lessons since 2014 and also the installation of a synthetic ice rink at the school
15. Since the summer of 2014, synthetic ice training programs were held for the students at Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Primary School to provide further training for the students
16. In 2015 – 2016, HKAIH continued to partner with HKFYG to organize the Hong Kong Youth Ice Hockey Campaign III, there were 7 distric teams in the program
17. Starting in 2016, HKAIH will provide ice hockey training for HKFYG's 3-year Jockey Club Community Team Sports program. The program consists of 30 teams with 320 players.
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