Sep 22, 2019

Swedish Ice Hockey Association conducting workshops in Hong Kong

Since 2018, Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey has started the collaboration with the Swedish Ice Hockey Association to raise the standard of ice hockey especially in youth holistic development & hockey industrialization in Hong Kong. (Read more: Hockey Beyond Hong Kong; Experience Sweden)

The project has constantly driven the knowledge transfer between Sweden and Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey.

Previous activities:
Create-Clipping-Mask_39 PE Teacher Coaching Workshop
Create-Clipping-Mask_49 HKAIH x SIHA Hockey Forum
Create-Clipping-Mask_43 Macau Ice Hockey Coaching Clinic & Youth Training Camp 2019

With support from HKAIH & HKAHC staff, Swedish ice hockey personnel conducted workshops and practical sessions for current players, coaches, on-ice and off-ice officials in Hong Kong on September 12 to 22. Around 100 participants attended the courses and learnt from one of the top-notch hockey countries.

During their visit, coaches and officials of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association also watched the local games played by Team HKAIH U8 AA, organized power skating and scrimmage training for Team AA Premier to improve their hockey IQ.

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