Dec 14, 2019

2019 AYHL Wuhan Stop : The Kindling of our Ice Hockey Passion

2019 Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) Wuhan Stop came to a fruitful conclusion on 14 December, 2019.

During the event, ice hockey professionals including official and coaches from Sweden, Canada and Russia conducted on-ice master training, positive coaching workshops, and officiating training (theory + on ice practical), in the hope of enhancing game competitiveness and fostering multi-cultural exchange through up-to-date and professional training system and game theory.

Former NHL player and General Manager (Coach) of HKAIH Mr. Barry Beck, renowned Russian coach Mr. Nikolaev Vladimir, together with Mr. Stefan Bergqvist from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, joined hand to conduct on-ice master training and bring in cross-cultural coaching elements to the youth players.

Chief Executive of HKAIH Ms. Cecilia Hon and Mr. Barry Beck were invited to a sharing session on Positive Coaching at Maple Leaf International School-Wuhan. Through interactive presentation and Q&A session, parents and students were inspired about creating a more harmonious and loving growth atmosphere in the sport field.

Referee-in-Chief of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association Mr. Joel Hansson also gave a comprehensive lecture to young referees during officials training workshop. Based on theory sharing and combined with on-ice practical session, participants gain deeper understanding of ice hockey game officiating.

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