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  • Aug 05, 2019

    Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) - Sapporo Stop 2019

    Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) - Sapporo Stop 2019, organized by HKAIH, HKAHC and SIHF and co-organized by SGSC, has been held on August 3-4 at Sapporo Tsukisamu Gymnasium! Our players had a precious opportunity to compete against 5 teams from Japan and Korea.

    In order to prepare the team for the tournaments over the weekend, pre-game training and exhibition game with Tsukisamu Stronger have been arranged on August 1-2 to build team camaraderie and enhance communication during the game.

    During the journey, not only did the players learn from foreign teams and make new friends, but also watched curling game and did sightseeing in the city. Most importantly, the team kept calm when dealing with tough situations and communicated with compassion. This is the example of teamwork where "Together Everyone Achieves More".

    Participating Teams (in arbitrary order):
    - Korean Elementary Ice Hockey Association
    - Hokkaido Barbarians Jr. IHC
    - Sapporo Eagles
    - Sapporo Hoshioki Ketters
    - Tsukisamu Stronger
    - Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey

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  • Mar 05, 2018

    2018 AYHL Sapporo: The Olympic experience at the Sapporo Tsukisamu Gymnasium

    In conjunction with the great support from Hokkaido government, Sapporo city and Sapporo Ice Hockey Federation, 2018 Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) Sapporo stop has been held on March 3 to 4 at Sapporo Tsukisamu Gymnasium, the first Winter Olympic ice hockey rink in Asia!

    During a 3-day journey, not only did Team HKAIH compete against 4 other Japanese teams, but also visited Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium and Sapporo Olympic Museum. With numerous valuable materials related to the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympic Games and additional materials on other international championships which Sapporo has hosted, the museum explains the history of winter sports to our young players.

    For the first time the League is taken place in Hokkaido, it is encouraging to see that players from the Hong Kong School Ice Hockey League and Jockey Club Ice Hockey Generation Next Program are selected on the team to compete with overseas players and broaden their horizons.

    HKAIH & HKAHC will strive to build a solid foundation for the ice hockey community and we believe that AYHL will become a renowned competition promoting Olympics spirit and ice hockey development in the region. 

    Participating Teams (in arbitrary order):
    - Hokkaido Barbarians Jr. IHC
    - Hoshioki Ketters Jr.
    - Tsukisamu Stronger
    - Tomari Blue Marine Sharks
    - Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey
  • Jan 20, 2017

    2016/17 Youth Hockey League (Asia Region): The Great End of the Beijing Stop

    The final stop of the 2016/17 Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) (AYHL) came to an end at Hokay Ice Centre in Beijing, China on January 16, 2017 at 11:30am. The Beijing team became the eventual champion of the AYHL and brought home the gold medals with a 5:1 victory. The Harbin team finished as the runner-up in the AYHL league. In addition to these two winning teams, both the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey and Wuhan Dragons Ice Hockey Club also competed in Beijing, during which they brought the excitement of live hockey games to an audience.

    In supporting the winter sport development in China, the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey and the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club re-launched the AYHL in 2016. To achieve this aim, we invited the NHL Alumni Association to serve as a collaborating organisation to pass on ice hockey knowledge and culture as well as to provide teamwork experiences for players. During the AYHL league, various ice hockey activities and workshops were arranged, aiming to enrich young players with unique hockey experience.

    Players involved in the 2016/17 AYHL are aged between 8 and 10.  After the first three stops in Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong,  the last stop is finally reached in Beijing on January 14, 2017 for a 3-day of intense game. Led by the NHL Alumni Association member Barry Beck (former NHL New York Rangers Captain), Russia’s famous hockey coach Nikolaeav Vladimir, and former Chinese Women Ice Hockey Team member Tan Anqi, an ice hockey exchange clinic was hosted during the Beijing stop for the players to learn more about ice hockey skills from the pros.

    Players from the AYHL were invited by the HC Kunlun Red Star to watch the KHL games live at LeSports Centre. A half-time show was delivered for the spectators to keep their attention and share their enthusiasm for ice hockey.

    With our highly motivated AYHL event planning team, we look forward to more opportunities for our hockey players to broaden their vision and deepen their knowledge while getting involved in various international exchange activities.

  • Aug 16, 2016

    AYHL Taipei Stop : This is the Spirit of Ice Hockey

    The latest stop of the Youth Hockey League (Asia Region), was successfully held at Taipei Arena from October 1-3, 2016 !

    After meeting at the Shanghai stop earlier in June, the young players from Beijing, Harbin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Wuhan were happy to reunite at the Taipei stop, new friends from Taipei joined the ice hockey games at this stop to make the ice rink even more lively !

    To promote the passing on of ice hockey knowledge from seasoned professionals to the up and coming young players, an ice hockey exchange clinic was arranged for the participants of AYHL to learn from the pros – NHL Alumni Association member and former New York Rangers Captain Barry Beck, former Edmonton Oilers member Doug Lynch, Russian coach Nikolaev Vladimir, coach of the Chinese Taipei National Team Ryan Lang, along with former Chinese Women Ice Hockey Team member Tan Anqi, lead the players through an intensive ice hockey clinic to train the players both mentally and physically for the games.

    Through these few days, players and coaches from different parts of the world gathered to play the sport they all love - ice hockey. It is through events like these that unites players and coaches from different regions and enjoy the sport as a family! Everyone had an amazing time at the tournament and are all looking forward to the next stop - Beijing ! 

    2016-17 Youth Hockey League (Asia region)

    Date : October 1-3, 2016
    Venue : 台北小巨蛋

    Participating Teams : 
    Beijing : HOKAY Ice Center
    Harbin : Harbin Future Stars Hockey Club
    Hong Kong : Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey
    Shanghai : FeiYang Skating Center
    Taipei : Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey School 
    Wuhan : Wuhan Dragons Ice Hockey Club

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