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HKAIH Russia Summer Camp

From July 30 and August 11, 2013 The HKAIH brought 29 students to participate in a camp in Mozhaysk, Russia. This hockey camp is a coordinated effort between the HKAIH and Sergei Nemchinov; former two-time Stanley Cup Champion with the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils. 

The coaches in Russia were happy to receive us at the airport and take us to the rink and the camp site where the students stayed for the duration of the camp. 

Coaches Barry Beck, Anqi Tan and Mike Lam were present to organize the trip while also monitoring the on and off ice activities. We had several coaches from the IceStyle Russian Camp on ice running their program which concentrated on power skating and stick-handling. The drills were challenging while the dry-land exercises were equally difficult. 

On August 10 the students had a chance to meet with Founder and Chairman of HKAIH, Thomas Wu in the early morning during a dry-land session and on ice sessions later in the day. We want to thank all the coaches in Russia, the parents who came along and for supporting our camp and all the students for coming out to participate in one of the most unique camps the HKAIH has been to.

Camp Details

General Manager Coach’s Remark

We held our annual summer camp in Russia this year to enable our students to experience the Russian Style of hockey.

Russian hockey incorporates fast powerful footwork with skilled puck handling. This is an action that takes years of disciplined practice.

Russia borders China so we will look to expand our working partnership with one of the world’s elite hockey programs.

This was a unique opportunity for our players to see how Russian youth hockey develops through different activities off ice as well. Dryland training and Stretching are incorporated into a vigorous program with an ultimate benefit for the players. Coaches stress the importance of commitment and dedication to be able to compete at the highest level.

Our players came back better and with the knowledge that hard work and comprehension of technique can enhance their game.

Thank you to the parents and players for their support of this camp and we look forward to the new hockey season.

Barry Beck

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