2010 Harbin
2009 Beijing
2011 Shanghai
2008 Hong Kong
2016 Shenzhen
2013 Russia
2014 Czech
2015 New York
2017 Boston
2018, 2019 Sweden

HKAIH Harbin Camp

Harbin is China's home for ice hockey. Following HKAHC's thrilling experience at the Harbin International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament, we believed that it would be a precious experience too for our youngsters to come and taste the spirit of Harbin! 

The thought has led the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (HKAIH) bringing fifty aged 6 - 16 children and teens to Harbin to join a two-week fun-packed summer camp from 2 – 16 August. There were training on ice, game time with local teens and learning of other sports such as table tennis, football and swimming. 

Off the ice rink, participants were able to take part in other cultural exchange activities include visiting many tourist destinations like the Sun Island and the Main Street of downtown so to get to know more of Harbin. The boys and girls had a great cool time this summer and so much enjoyed the camp spent with their counterparts in Harbin.

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