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Mission Hills Ice Hockey Summer Camp

The 2016 Mission Hills Ice Hockey Summer Camp was successfully held from July 25 to 27 at Mission Hills, Shenzhen. Set over the course of three days and two nights, a total of 22 U12 players along with 3 coaches attended the ice hockey summer camp. New team building activities were added to the timetable to allow players to have a more well-rounded experience at the camp, and the activities included golfing, shooting activity and a water park experience.

Camp participants got the chance to impress the coaches with their ability to look after themselves and their independence - impressive, seeing as the attending players were aged between 7 and 12. All the players were able to digest and perform tasks assigned by the coach team and were able to put on full ice hockey gear by themselves.

Coach Arthur, one of the coaches for this camp, was very impressed by the players, he recalls “We went through many new experiences as a team, the players not only strengthened their ice hockey skills through the training sessions, but also learned how to co-ordinate with other team members and to build up the teamwork. Everyone gave their best at the camp, which made it a great experience for both the players and the coach team.”

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